A Wonderful Day with Empirical Scoring

Erin and I woke up after the clock read “PM”. Score +1 (for Erin’s sake). We were running late for previously-scheduled Sunday event(s). Score -1. Showered up and hit the road right quick. Made great time from Springfield to Herndon.

Met up with my best friend of, what 11-12 years?, and his girlfriend for lunch, having made them wait only about 5-10 minutes. Score +4 (2 for seeing Joe, 1 for getting to meet Gina for the first time, and 1 for fairly painless us-late action). Super-yummy, almost-bloody burgers and bladder-busting Diet Coke: Score +1. They came over and checked out my place, which is trashed because I’m a slack-ass li’l bitch and haven’t unpacked a goddamned thing since getting the matress down and setting up the computer and TV/stereo. Score -1.

It was great to see Joe & Gina, and I’m happy that Erin was there with me. No score, just an observation.

After lunch, Erin and I chilled in the basement watching shows I’d DVR-ed for her… that I like, too. Just chillin’, catching up on some glazed-eyes entertainment. Score +2 (1 for that House anthrax/leprosy episode, and 1 for Erin stickin’ around).

Then, Erin left for her place, and I dug into my taxes… where I discovered that I actually had all my variously-numbered forms… and my taxes are now done (as far as I’m concerned). I’ll print out a couple of things at work tomorrow and send our shit off to my guy. Score +1. Erin’s using my guy this year for the first time, who and which I think is awesome. Score +1.

My wrangling of the tax-related forms and filling out the questionnaire from my accountant guy (which takes more time than the 1040, but asks better questions) was only interrupted by the premier of Deadwood on HBO. Score even… the prospect of a new season chubs me, but don’t put the cart before the cunt (sorry, that was a joke, and you’ll get it if you’re a Deadwood fan—otherwise, please accept my apology). What a great premier episode. Score +1. I’m about to watch it again alongside the west coast noobs.

And, while watching the Pacific HBO in prep for the 2nd viewing, I stumbled upon the episode of Sex and the City where Kristin Davis flashes some titty. I missed it the first time around (Score -1), but that I caught it: Score +1.

Finally, this post is (almost) the first time I’ve been in front of a computer today, so no work. Score +1.

By my count… today was a perfect 10.