Me Bitching about Web Stuff

Total geek stuff. Skip it.

Thanks to Peter for publishing his HTML escaping Python function on the web. Even if your browser will (begrudgingly) accommodate non-escaped characters, XML readers (like your favorite RSS feed aggregator) often take a shit when they happen upon an ampersand (&) when it’s not escaped in the code (&) [thx]. Apparently, Python v2.3 implemented something similar, but that doesn’t help where my one specific server (using v2.1) is concerned.

Next, I hate Microsoft and its Internet Explorer “product”… if you can call it that. It’s a web designer/developer’s worst nightmare. Yeah, I know I’m just the last asshole on the face of the earth to bitch about its non-compliance… but it bears fucking mention because it makes my taint ache worse than Grampa’s knee when the storm’s a-comin’.

And I hate it when my taint aches.

Finally, I totally hate it when someone who pays me to do X tries to talk me into half-assing my doing X. If I didn’t do X well, then you wouldn’t continue to pay me to do it… and you’d find someone else to do X only well enough to meet your half-assed standard, which has already happened… until people bitch about that half-assed version of X done by that other guy (who admittedly does other things way better than I, but just not X) and you bring me in after-the-fact… ultimately to finish or “polish” X properly.

That happens all the time. Do you see a fucking pattern here? I do (redundant), but you’re driving me fucking crazy with this ongoing shit.

One thought on “Me Bitching about Web Stuff

  1. What a complainer. You take on so much of that pain. Wha Wha Wha – or as you say boo fucking who. He asked you to do it halfway because he hated asking at all. He knew you couldn’t do it. We all rely on it. Some jobs can be done to a 1/2 “Perez Perfect”. This standard is still slightly above most peoples “hard work” level.

    So much drama taking up so much time! Let it go.

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