An Obscene Homage to Holden Caulfield

i’m sorry i haven’t posted here in a long time i have a ton of shit to do and that pisses me off but that’s the situation i’ve created by taking on too many responsibilities so that’s the shit i have to deal with knowing that i’m the only one to blame

my personal life and relationships are suffering and have always suffered by my signing up to do extra shit and there’s always something i should be doing instead of buying erin gerbera daisies just because i love her and just sitting in front of the tv with glazed eyes and being entertained because there’s always something to do and i don’t know if it’s because i don’t want to pay attention to or am afraid of what’s ultimately important in life being happy and treating those close to me the way they deserve to be treated because i’m so self absorbed and when forced to realize that i’m a complete dickhead it just brings me back to my always having something i should be doing

now i don’t have the time to do everything i have to do because i’ve signed up for so much shit and it’s like i can’t even manage the responsibilities that i took upon myself by volunteering in the first place

i’m floundering but nothing is insurmountable and i’ll get through it all but i hope i will be willing to reinvent my wheel and find a better way to do every self imposed thing i need to do yet make time for those who make my life happier including me

it’s not that bad but it feels like it sometimes and there’s always room for apostrophes thank you drive through i love you but not in that gay way if you’re a dude