Hoodwinked? Not Likely.

Nothing about the trip to Tampa tonight, as previously-hinted-at.

Instead, I give you The Hockey News’ kind-of-apology-cum-explanation about the hype over the weekend. If you missed that hype (was it really a hype at all?), basically “inside sources” pointed to a promising, later-than-last-minute agreement between the NHL and the union… which turned out to be complete bullshit.

Doesn’t anybody (other than me) consider the possibility that the unnamed leaker got played by either the NHLPA or League? Maybe that “inside source” was used by one or both sides to gauge public interest. If the possibility of a last-minute reconciliation registered a blip on John Q. Public’s radar, the instantiating party could use that as leverage in their nominal discussions after Bettman had already cancelled the season.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, and I wasn’t drawn in by the remote possibility of some sort of resolution to The Dispute. In all honesty, I only learned about it after my brother mentioned reading it in the Tampa Tribune.

I guess my point is: If news outlets spend more time defending themselves to their patrons rather than pursuing an investigation into the real facts (as close to truth as they can get, granted)… then any news is bad “news”.

In today’s political climate (NHL or otherwise) subterfuge and divisiveness are commonplace. Being actively defensive has nothing to do with the service these outlets purportedly provide.

Quit apologizing, you pussies, and do your job. Use your “inside sources” to tell everyone what really happened. Otherwise, quit trying to get a leg up on the other “news” sources… and shut the fuck up.