How to Ruin My Day

Interrupt my basking in the LED glow and turbo-fan din of the freakishly-easy-to-configure XServe with a fucking retarded problem that you created.

Mr. Ed: Gary, something’s wrong; I can’t get my port-forwards to work.
Aside: Mr. Ed is a contractor who normally works remotely, and is only in the office once a week.
Me: You’re inside the firewall and on the LAN, there’s no reason for you to use port forwarding.
Mr. Ed: But that’s the way I have it all set up. It works on my Windows laptop when I’m not here, but now I can’t get to my Linux box. I have my CVS configured to use the port forwarding, and if I don’t, then I’ll have to change all my CVS settings.
Me: That’s a simple “export CVSROOT”.
Mr. Ed: But it works every week.
Me: Hold on. (clickety-clackety) Server’s up and port forwarding is working.
Mr. Ed: But it works every week.
Me: Nothing on this network has changed in the last week.
Mr. Ed: It works every week.
Me: Everything is working as advertised.
Mr. Ed: Every week it works.
Me: Make sure your machines are powered on, physically connected to the network, and check the network settings on your Windows piece-of-shit laptop.
Mr. Ed: (half-heartedly) Wha? Okay, thanks, Gary.

I assume he reconfigured his broke-dick Windows network info—ahem, something he has to do every week, once a week. He never came back, and I never bothered to check up on him.

It works every week, dickhead.