Happy Anniversary, Sis

danielle.jpgToday is the 22nd anniversary of of Danielle being my little sister (at least “officially”).

Deja vu: Being that all is fair in love and war (we’ve shared a lot of both), I found the cutest goddamned pictures of my baby sister that I could. One with Santa (age 3-4?), and one as a 20s-era flapper (age 20-ish?). Like w/ Chico, I have an extensive library of pix, but these are the most adorable, and best convey her undeniable cuteness and overall positive outlook (zest!).

My baby sister hasn’t had the easiest life, but she has gone way far and way beyond what her earlier years might have portended.

Danielle is awesome. It’s as simple as that.

I love her dearly, and I’m so happy to know that she is happy in her life with Cory (my kickass brother-in-law, duh) and li’l Ginessa.

On a lighter note: After speaking w/ her this evening, she’s got a ton of embarrassing photos of me that I forgot existed. We’ll review the shame this Sunday at Mom’s place… and Erin will be there.

That’s probably a good thing… but it makes me wonder if Erin will bolt for the nearest exit after seeing the J-High mullet.