Happy Birthday, Bro

spiderman.jpgHappy 34th birthday to my older brother, Alex. He doesn’t like it very much when people make a big deal about his birthday, so I’ll make a small deal about it.

There’s no telling how many pictures I have of him. Most of them involve the Blackhawks’ away replica jersey I bought him for his 22nd birthday back in Tampa, those ratty-ass, plaid PJ bottoms-cum-clubwear and Oakley sunglasses. The entire two years we shared the apartment together in Temple Terrace, I often wondered if he owned any other clothes.

But being that all is fair in love and war (we’ve shared a lot of both), I decided to forego scouring my extensive photo archive for a quality, embarrassing moment caught on film. He has just as many of those “what the hell was I thinking?” shots of me as I do him… incl. ill-conceived goth nights, short shorts & tube socks, horrible haircuts, etc. So, I settled for this timeless photo of us with one of our childhood heroes, circa 1980. I love this picture, b/c it looks like ol’ Spidey is about to konk our heads together all Stooges-style, huh? (insert coconut noise)

Cuz you’re growns up and you’re growns up and you’re growns up! (nyuk nyuk nyuk)

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Bro

  1. The coolest thing about this picture is the 7 year old in the old-school BUD MAN t-shirt. What were our parents thinking? And for the record… the only thing ill-conceived about goth night was Greg’s “costume” that consisted of a balloon and a pacifier. You and I looked bad-ass.

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