Reminiscence as Impetus

Erin and I are flying from Dulles to Tampa on Feb. 18th. I specifically designed our travel plans around 1) cold northern VA weather, and 2) Monday night at The Castle in Ybor since DJ Rob will be upstairs hooking up the old-new-wave 80s action (thanks to my bro, Alex, for alerting me to the situation). We’re flying back on Tuesday evening. :)

DJ Rob was sort of an 80s-night staple back in my college days (and the ensuing 2.5 years in Tampa). Inspired by reminiscence, I decided to cruise iTMS and put together a nice little playlist including some of the timeless tunes we enjoyed at/to/from all those clubs we used to hit back then (DNA, 911, Parthenon, Masquerade, and maybe even Empire). Here’s the playlist (if any of y’all want me to burn a CD for you, simply let me know):

  1. Get Down, Make Love – Nine Inch Nails
  2. Should I Stay or Should I Go – The Clash
  3. In Between Days – The Cure
  4. Punk Rock Girl – The Dead Milkmen
  5. Cuts You Up – Peter Murphy
  6. Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes
  7. Here’s Where the Story Ends – The Sundays
  8. Head On – The Jesus & Mary Chain
  9. Under the Milky Way – The Church
  10. Breakout – Swing Out Sister (for fun!)
  11. Add It Up – Violent Femmes
  12. So Alive – Love and Rockets
  13. Oh l’Amour – Erasure
  14. Always Something There To Remind Me – Naked Eyes
  15. I’ll Fall With Your Knife – Peter Murphy
  16. Laid – James
  17. Other People – Prick
  18. Tainted Love – Soft Cell
  19. Where Did Our Love Go? (Original 7” Single) – Soft Cell
  20. Just Like Heaven – The Cure
  21. Sweet Jane – Cowboy Junkies (only b/c of Natural Born Killers)

I’m a little worried that Erin will feel alienated by all of our “Oh shit! Remember this?!” stuff when we’re at the club. I mean, Chico & Amie will be there; Jini might (should) be there. How fucked up would it be if Neal showed up? The evening will not be complete (entirely in the reminiscence sense) because Joe, Fweeny, Ciara and Carrie won’t be there.

I hope sharing the retro-to-us evening with Erin will only serve to further concrete my relationship with her. I mean, she is going to move in w/ me soon…

5 thoughts on “Reminiscence as Impetus

  1. I am so excited to hear that our relationship will be furthered by our time at the club. You are so romantic :)

  2. Actually, Gina and I were thinking about going to Florida that weekend, but decided we can’t, since we are doing the DC the following weekend. How funny would that have been if we were both visiting Tampa the same weekend.

  3. Holy crap. Now I’m totally going to be there. I was afraid it was going to be the normal goth night. However, that playlist rocks. Hopefully he can live up to the rep you’ve built for him.

    Erin, sooooo can’t wait to meet you.

  4. It IS going to be normal goth night. Do you think they are going to give up their club for the outlanders? Think Tracks on Thursday “Straight” Night. We are going for the DJ and the company. On the phone to Neil RIGHT NOW. Fuck…left a message. Any ideas on who else to call…Chris and Stacy Eller? It would have rocked for Joe to be there, sometimes serendipity fucks you at the drive-thru.

  5. See, you totally know how to put it into perspective for me: Straight Night at Tracks. The only thing better would be if you had said, “Tuesday Night Tracks, Disco, Free to get in, 21 & up, $0.75 well drinks.”

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