Confessions & Concessions

I Concede: My brother, Alex, was right about my abject dismissal of the new Mustang. Since that post, I’ve read a number of articles praising the Ford, and comparing it to the Pontiac GTO. I’d be a fool to even consider the GTO with the Mustang on the market.

I Confess: I haven’t given a shit about the (now-surely-surely-no-lie cancelled for real) NHL season since freakin’ November. While I’ve always publically voiced my desire for these two sets of idiots to come to common terms, I’ve also thought secretly that it’d never happen, and the season would be cancelled. Really, how can anyone expect logical discussion and… ahem… concessions to be made by collective groups of mental midgets? I can only guess at the dialogue in these failed meetings:
NHLPA: I know you are, but what am I?
NHL: Nuh-uh, you are!
NHLPA: No, you are, poopy-pants.

Repeat ad nauseam.

I Concede: I live in one of the most ass-backwards states in the U.S. Er, make that the most ass-backwards “Commonwealth”. The State House (overwhelmingly) passed a law that would make wearing your pants low enough to expose your underwear subject to a $50 fine. They also passed (by a larger margin) a motion that’ll allow the state to investigate all prospective adoptive parents, just to make sure they’re not gay. Both still have to clear the State Senate (I expect the anti-gay one to go through)… but what the fuck is going on in this state?! [more at the Post]

I Confess: I like unoriginal, radio-friendly music, too… just like you do. Yesterday (!), I received an email from some self-prescribed philosopher about my Copper Label post from over a year ago. His email drones a long litany of “if a then b then c then d then e then f equals g” (as in Gary). While I stand by my original it’s-a-piece-of-shit opinion, I will confess that I do not consider myself (and my musical opinion) “more elite than the masses”. I think the songs suck… but I never said, “If you like any of these songs, then you suck, as well”. Big fuckin’ difference there.

I Concede: This post is going nowhere, but at least I rhymed the title somethin’ sweet.

3 thoughts on “Confessions & Concessions

  1. No, really…. that Copper Label shit sucked mega ball sack. In fact, I recently received part 2 of copper craptacular. 10 times worse than the first. Anyone that defends it should take a boot to the left side of the face.

  2. You live in ONE of the most back assward states. Here in sunny (but freakin’ cold today) FL we have the anti gay adoption thing. It’s a-okay for gays to be foster parents for unwanted children (ie: HIV Positive children) and have them in their loving home for 10+ years but lord fobid they actually be able to legally adopt them.

    Don’t get me started on this. It’s assinine and frustrating and is an affront to humanity and free society.

  3. Concede #1 – Thanks. You rock.

    Confession #1 – Was our obsession for the NHL born more out of habit than heart? Did we go to games “way back when” because we just didn’t have anything better to do on a Tuesday or Thursday night? Then it just integrated itself into our schedule? I miss hockey, but love the fact that Amie and I aren’t living paycheck to paycheck for 8 months of the year. And i’m not getting fat again from all the beer and arena “food.” I predict the use of replacement players, and when the scabs playing over in Europe realize that they will still make more money over here, the union will be broken.

    Concede #2 Yeah, what Jini said.

    Confession #2 Concerning your original post… the use of the phrase “lobster shit” still cracks me up. Amie’s is on the list also and recently received “The 2nd Sessions” from Marlboro. Turns out that the last track is from the Washdown, whose bass player works with me at the Gardens. He totally disowns the mix of the song (too “bright” and chorus/solos moved around, ETC.), and the band as a whole hates it so much that they quit playing the original version at their live gigs. Your first post was right on the money – criticize the songs on the disc, not the bands, and not the listeners.

    Chico Confession – In the CD changer of the Mustang: Jimmy Eat World, Rooney, and All-American Rejects. Unoriginal, radio-friendly power pop is just what the doctor ordered when the top is down and the speed limit is being exceeded, ala Sweetness. Rob Zombie is pretty good, too.

    Concede #3 – It would be a pretty good album title… for Jewel! Thank you and try the veal.

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