Superbowl? What’s That?

Barney action figure drinking a beer holding a dart, standing next to the 8-ballLocal favorites Tim & Steph were having a good-sized shindig at their place in Sterling (VA) for the Superbowl, so Erin and I swung by. Tim’s got a great “British Pub” set up in the side room of his house including 9’ pool table, a dart board, keg-erator, wine fridge, frozen drink machine, etc.

We kept half an eye on the game, but our fun is pretty much summed up by the photo of Barney Gumble over there. For the sight-impaired and/or insanely unobservant: we drank beer; we burped loudly; we played darts; we shot pool. The obscene belching was kind of implied there.

Speaking of darts, Erin called me to task for not publishing her recent streak of “beating Gary” on MMH. More times than not, I’ll win three games of four (or thereabouts). Lately though, she’s turned the tables and has been destroying me. Finally, some competition! ;)

As for this strange game… “football” I think it’s called. I’ve been forced to watch it during the NHL lockout (fuckers), but thankfully not forced to care. I wanted Philadelphia’s team to win so that The Foof and Bike Crash Homey (and the NKOTB) at work would be happy and have bragging rights. But, unfortunately, that team is the Eagles… who I’ve always hated (Dad was a Raiders fan). It’s true, I actually rooted for the Feebles in last year’s playoffs… but that was only because I was 1) actually in Philly 2) with my gf-at-the-time who lived there 5 days a week. And, for that (you pick one), an insanity plea should suffice.

Plus! While I cannot say that all Philly fans of every professional sport that city offers forth to the world are assholes, I can say that—through my personal observation—the majority of them are poor sports. Poor winners, poor losers… pretty much all-around assholes. That said, The Foof and the BCH are good sports, and I love them.

The NKOTB just drives me batshit, though.


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  1. Also, the whining started today b/c you know, McNabb was “ill” during the game. What.Ev.Er.

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