Just Don’t Invite Gary

The Yokes (my boy from Canadia), shot me an email featuring this movie from the CBC earlier today [goddamned Windows-Media-Player-required piece of shit].

Rick Mercer forgot only one motherfucking thing (providing the clip was filmed before this spring): The Lightning won the Stanley Cup—full season—against a Canadian team that still calls Canada home.

So there you go.

And, as The Yokes stated in his email… Mercer’s pretty much right.

Never invite Gary… Bettman, that is.

Tiny Afterthought: You should always invite Gary (the me Gary); I have more hair than Bettman, have no control over the direction of the NHL, and am pretty much a fun kinda’ guy… or so I’ve heard.


3 thoughts on “Just Don’t Invite Gary

  1. Gary is teh ghey.

    I noticed that it was strange that Tampa was listed… though, to be fair.. no one in Tampa cared that they won.. which makes it even worse.

  2. The “hockey market” in Tampa is not comparable to that in Toronto, or any other O6/Canadian “market”. I agree: Tampa does not enjoy the sheer number of core, true hockey fans. Most Floridians are just mouth-breathers from… um… Canada anyway. ;) At least during winter months… I’m just saying… ;)

    But you’re wrong when you say that “no one in Tampa cared that they [the Lightning] won”.

    There were tens of thousands of people who cared about the Bolts winning the championship. You’d have loved being on Channel Drive when Dave rode by hoisting the Cup just as much as I would have. Do you think that the record-setting attendance participants from back in the “Thunderdome” days didn’t care?

    City-centric, census-wise, and statistically speaking: If even a third of the citizens in the Tampa Bay area (~3.7 million) gave a shit about the Bolts, it’d still be more than if every single extant human in the Calgary area (~950 thousand) gave a shit about the Flames. I’m not talking country-comparison… because Canadia just can’t leave Olympic Gold, World Cup Gold, Juniors World Cup Gold and owning every great NHL hockey player ever well enough alone.

    You win that part of it.

    But you rooted for the Bolts at least once in your 5+ years of Tampa living… so you cared, too.

  3. Still glad to see you are still ranting and raving about nuttin (or NOT). :)~ Too bad we’ll miss you in Tampa — we’re outta here on Saturday morning. Sunshine here we come!!! ~GG

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