Fuck Your Steep Learning Curves

All I wanted to do was create an OS X-native application someone could simply double-click and it would run a shell script that I’d written in Python, a language which comes pre-installed on every OS X machine that Apple’s ever shipped.

I found PyOXIDE, which is supposed to provide a “simple” way to do that, and requires the undoubtedly-kickass (although completely foreign to me at this point) PyObjC stuff.

Here’s the rub:

1. While there’re plenty of tutorials and documentation about PyObjC, it relies heavily upon the developer’s existing familiarity with Apple’s Xcode, Interface Builder and other tools.

2. There is no documentation and not a single tutorial for PyOXIDE… yet it also buttresses its functionality (read: usefulness) on some mythical, previously-gained understanding of Xcode, Interface Builder, etc.

3. PyOXIDE and its underpinning PyObjC are completely fucking useless to me right now. I don’t have the time to become an Apple Developer. It takes me less time to write documentation about how to run the script in Terminal, so that’s what I’ve done… and my holy grail of “just click this and it works” remains elusive.

Don’t get me wrong. I realize I’m being a whiny little bitch right now. My wish would be a ten-step PyOXIDE tutorial (or an altogether different application) that would insulate me from having to know anything about the underlying OS X application framework, so I could just make a Python script clickable… and have it fucking work. PyOXIDE’s author provides a community forum to discuss things, but all of those conversations use “knowing shit about the OS X application framework” as a jumping-off point, and there’s not a lot of traffic on the board at all… which leads me to believe that it’s underutilized and, as such, unhelpful.

I’m disappointed. Big fuckin’ whoop, right? *grumble* I understand that I could very well take it upon myself to learn this shit and author how-to material for the existing utilities, or write my own application to leverage PyObjC in PyOXIDE’s stead… but I don’t have time for that… I’ve got too much other shit to worry about. And my super-geek hobby time is otherwise consumed with hardcore Python coding that actually does something.

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