Super Dump Mode

… and not in the scatological sense of that phrase.

Perfect Timing: Not fooled by the then-mild temps, and knowing this area’s penchant to get balls ass cold, I recently purchased the first winter coat of my adult life… with critical input from Bike Crash Homey at work. Until this year (read: stupidly), I’d made do with layering and various limp-dick attempts at fashionable outer-wear. Fuck fashion when the wind chill is seven degrees (°F). Yeah, it’s not Chicago or Boston, but I’m from mid-to-lower latitudes, bitches. BCH recommended a few, and I ended up with this one in “Sail Orange” because they were out of the black one in my size. Regardless, I will never—for the rest of my life—think of buying cold-weather gear without checking with her first.

Speaking of Cold: I don’t know them all that well (only met maybe once), but my neighbors… on one side or the other or both… are actually pretty cool. Someone brought in my trash can a couple of weeks ago, and someone shoveled my steps and my goddamned parking space while I was away at Erin’s this past “snowy” weekend. It kind of makes me feel like an asshole; while I brought in that neighbor’s garbage can last Friday morning, I still haven’t shoveled shit.

Is this the hellish neighborly-one-upmanship torment of suburbia that I’ve unwittingly brought upon myself?

Speaking of Mid-to-Lower Latitudes: I’m hardcore trying to coordinate a trip to Tampa in February. The only thing up for discussion is whether we want to spend a crazy-ass weekend in Tampa (Gasparilla Knight Parade) or a normal weekend in Tampa. I’m down for either.

Fallback: I’m yearning, wanting and begging for new metal, and being somewhat reminiscent of old metal at the same time. Devildriver’s new release is due in March, so I downloaded “The Best of Coal Chamber” (which is a’ight) from iTMS and slapped it into a playlist with the first (amazing) Devildriver release… and called that playlist “Dez”. Then, I ripped the four Testament CDs I own, and bought “The Gathering” (which is fuckin’ bad-ass) to supplement. A new release is said to be due from Chuck Billy and gang, but I don’t know.

Hockey: Yeah, another meeting between the owners and players’ union and shit… but go to Matt’s site and check out this video (.wmv) of an amazing hockey fight. While I’ve always (again and again) proselytized that “hockey is not about fighting!”, this bout almost makes me wish that hockey was just a bunch of brutes punching the fuck out of each other while on skates.

It’s almost poetic when I put it like that.

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  1. Tampa?! We will be there visiting my see-ster Feb 5 & 6 before heading to Orlando & Key Largo. Any chance of catching up with you & Erin that weekend? It would be COOL!!

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