Not Ennui

I haven’t posted anything here on MMH in a week. It’s not because I don’t have anything to say; it’s just that I don’t have the time to type it.

Work is crazy with programming, product development, huge-move-induced infrastructure planning & coordination, and drawing shit.

Offa’ work, in front of the Mac, I’m busy re-developing and programming a third-party, entirely user-centric website (one that can’t be linked to/from my personal evil) for free. It’s fun, though, and helps to keep me on my game at work.

When I’m not in front of an LCD screen, I’m spending time with Erin, or… y’know… adjusting the HVAC damper in effort to find a happy balance between 84°F bedroom, 68°F kitchen, and 58°F basement.

So, basically, during regular blogging hours, I’m wondering what the hell happened to setting the thermostat to 72°F… and having it actually work?


One thought on “Not Ennui

  1. It’s called: you need zoning lunchbox.

    Manual dampers are a piss-poor way to regulate airflow economicaly in a multi-story dewelling with one central heating and cooling system.

    Most, if not all, multi-story structures need a separate system per level…. zoning is less expensive, and Gary the damper operating dude is the least expensive of all.

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