Khoi Vinh’s Blog Grid

Some dude I’ve never heard of recently redesigned his blog, “Subtraction”. In a recent post, he explains how the layout depends on an underlying grid, invisible to all but the discerning eye on the standard blog, but revealed in the explanation post.

While I’ve used grids for years in laying out and designing stuff for print (newsletters, brochures, flyers, etc.), it never occurred to me to employ a grid in website design. It’s a brilliant idea that looks great in practice… but probably isn’t as easy to implement as I think. Given that I have a website redesign ahead of me in the kinda’-near future (not MMH again… yet), I might choose to give it a shot. ‘Course, I’ll try to do all the CSS myself without cheating… but it’s great to have such a fine example from which to learn.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on this Khoi Vinh guy. He gets paid to design stuff, so you know he’s better than at it than I am!

[found via Daring Fireball’s Linked List]

Design post-script: Matt over at the broz also recently revealed a new blog design. It’s orange, and fuckin’ metal.