Holiday Travel Fun

Erin and I left for her parents’ place in Yorktown, VA on Thursday (12/23). It had been raining all day, was still raining, and holiday traffic plus a lane closure on I-95 south made for interesting travel. It took us more than two hours to get from Springfield to Quantico (approx. 35 miles).

That blew. At least there was a cool sunset.

Five hours later, we got to Yorktown. On Xmas day, the weather was cold, there was no snow on the ground, and presents surrounded the enormous tree.

Of course, there are many more Xmas day photos, but those will only be shared w/ family.

Yesterday (12/26), we woke up at 8:30am planning on returning to Northern VA sometime that day. Until it started snowing like crazy… over an inch per hour. By the time the snow stopped falling around 4:00pm, there was over a foot on the ground.

No, we didn’t even get near that pool. After waiting for info to come in regarding the state of the major roadways, we finally decided to make a run at driving home, and left a little before 5pm… before the roads would have a chance to ice up.

It was strange. Once we drove about 20 miles north of Yorktown, there wasn’t a single flake of snow on the ground. Traffic was fairly heavy the whole route home, but we finally got to Erin’s place a little after 7pm… because I’m the road warrior.