24% Salary Cut isn’t Enough?

According to Reuters (wired), the NHL Players’ Association has put forth a concession to cut all players’ salaries by 24%.

While not even close to a salary cap, this proposed pay cut would serve to reset the bar a bit. It’d serve as a jumping off point, and temporarily stifle the ever-increasing salary demands of the league’s best players. Temporarily, of course.

But, it’s still not enough for Gary Bettman, who—IMHO—is on a mission to dissolve the league. Bastard. Apparently a plan that looks a few years in the future isn’t as “forward looking” as he’d like it to be. I predict he’ll play the Bush role and stand ignorantly firm on his decisions not to negotiate.

3 thoughts on “24% Salary Cut isn’t Enough?

  1. I should go upstairs and tell them “Gary says you’re all a bunch of assclowns. He’s firing all your asses and taking over.”

  2. Yeah… you should tell them that.

    Except, they’ll probably think you’re talking about Gary Bettman… who they already know is the Leader of the Assclowns.

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