Later, Tater

Off to Orlando for the annually-stressful work tradeshow first thing in the morning. And, by morning, I mean probably after you’ve already gotten to work.

Back on Thursday 12/9. Email checking will probably be sporadic, but I will have my cell phone.

Yeah, that’s right… I’m talking to the three of you who read this.

BTW, “taters” is World-Famous Doug’s code word for boobies. C’mon… that shit’s funny!


One thought on “Later, Tater

  1. Taters, MO, map of Hawaii, butt-sack….

    That’s the beauty of code speak there, “Prime-Tim”… only a select few know the meaning.

    Next time I see you, I’ll teach you some new ones. “Millitary” code words… no, not real shit (Greg would kick my ass)… but I’ll teach you what “whiskey, tango, bravo, siera” means on guys night oot…. and possibly, “foxtrot november”….

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