Bad Shit Happens, Not in Threes: My Definition of “Oh, The Humanity”

I apologize in advance for the potty mouth.

My father (happy fifth deathday, Pop), Erin’s grandmother, Erin’s best friend (I loved that MurphDawg), and now my grandmother is in the hospital, and the outlook by all accounts is pretty fucking bleak.

Fuck, fuck, fuck!

Of course, I have annual stress because of the tradeshow. Add to that, stress involved in moving. Add to that, all of the fucking above.

This isn’t intended as a Gary pity party… fuck that shit, I’ll be fine. It’s just that… when it rains, it pours. It just fucking pours like a sluice broke open.

Bad shit happens to people everyday. We in western society traditionally try to group them in triads. Y’know… “bad things happen in threes”. That’s bullshit… it probably has something to do with hating Satan because Jesus and the Lord (should they…) have a preference for a different prime number, are our ultimate saviors, and actually fucking exist(ed).

Regardless… it’s still bullshit.

Bad shit happens all the time. Only when it happens to you does the radar register the significant blip. If it’s been a while… y’know… after a good stretch of fun times and happiness, or just the lack of immediately-registering personally-scarring blips… that’s when you start keeping count.

Bush gets re-elected, Granny’s doing poorly in the hospital, and, GODDAMNIT! I knocked the shit out of my shin with the fuckin’ vacuum cleaner. See how absurd the connections between that shit really is? But that’s what we do… as humans.

Seek the comfort.

At that point, you’re on the lookout for something else to complete the triad… put it in a nice little package that you can handle by way of paranoia. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing; it’s probably a truly helpful coping mechanism to a certain extent…

But, it’s bullshit. Bad shit just happens. All the time, everywhere, to various people along the way. Sometimes it’s you. Sometimes it’s me.

It’s what we do, it’s how we handle and cope and struggle and help each other that defines humanity.

The hard times (the bad things that happen to elicit those hard times) is what makes us take stock, care more, and try harder.

Bad shit happens. It’s inevitable. Do something with it.