Living in the New

Program Note: I updated the MurphDawg post with tons of shit to read.

I’m almost completely moved into the townhouse. If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll remember I closed back on August 12th. The only things left to do are to go back to the apt. and perform some hardcore cleaning action, and snag a couple of those cheap-ass white plastic resin chairs off the Smokin’ Porch.

Erin helped tremendously, despite current chaos in her life, and me getting us locked out and shit. The plan to hire movers fell through due to my own procrastination and seemingly-crazy yet totally-manageable schedule. I could not have done this move without her help, so thank you very very much, baby. Well, I could have called Shawn or Gregg or someone… but they wouldn’t have given me smooches during all the carrying and maneuvering and shit.

At least, I hope not.

For the first few days, it kinda’ felt like I was living at a hotel… or someone else’s place… except that I was sleeping in my own bed. Weird noises would wake me up, but the lack of loud thumps as The Former Upstairs Cock walked around was welcome.

Basically, my basement is my last apartment… but I have to walk up two floors to get to my bed. And, the fridge is somewhere in the middle. Freaky.

Friday night and much of Saturday was spent running wires and setting up all my stupid shit: TV, stereo, speakers, CD, VCR, PS2, cable box (DVR, yay!), iMac double-wide, HK sub and satellites, cable modem, etc. Oh, yeah… and re-alphabetizing all of my CDs. That’s some good OCD/perfectionist zen, baby… almost euphoric!

Last night, I got the “universal remote” programmed to run that DVR cable box, my TV, the VCR, and the receiver… whose factory remote went limp an hour after I took it out of the box. It was, for at least ten minutes, the icing on the fucking cake.

Quick Aside: Cox versus Comcast? Comcast is better. Their cable modem is at least three times faster, their pipe is less susceptible to crazy bandwidth clogs, and they have subscription service on-demand. Cox is slower, clogs, and does not feature subscription-based on-demand service (HBO, Max, etc.).

Finally: Oh, yeah… (family members, skip this paragraph)… Erin and I played poker last night, sitting indian-style amidst partially-unpacked boxes at the mid-level coffee table. Two-card Texas Hold ‘Em, of course. It’s an ongoing educational pursuit for the two of us, really, but it’s fun. She totally almost took all my money, until I raised the stakes. That’s right: I played strip poker for the first time in my life with her… and… the Jesus Cards. You can rest 100% safe in knowing that there was, in fact:

… gambling, while drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, cursing, and taking various names in vain…

involved. If you’re sick enough to wonder who won, let’s just say that—at the end of the game—I still had my chones on. :)

I have a meeting in six hours… I need to get to bed.


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  1. Posts like this one which include scenes in the “Finally” section restore my faith in humanity, dating…and well, sex.

    Erin, practice makes perfect and we want to know when you kick his ass!

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