Return to Rent-a-Cop Security?

So Dulles, BWI, and maybe National want to stop using Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners and replace them with private-company personnel [Washington Post and Kos].

I think that’s a BadIdea(TM). If you’re in/around the DC area, I urge you to make your opinion known:

Here’s the message I sent to all three:

If Dulles, National and/or BWI stop using federally-trained TSA security personnel to save money or funnel cash to political allies, I’ll spend my money on gasoline and start planning my road trips.

Why would all three of the airports (even one?) nearest our country’s capital forsake the safety of their passengers? Some of those passengers are actually “important”, you know… like they work for America in D.C.

For shorter lines? Everyone is used to longer lines, and understands why they’re there. The only people that get upset about long airport security lines anymore are those who showed up too late, or are otherwise completely self-centered. There’s nothing you can do about those people, though; shorter lines won’t fix anything, they’ll just find something else to complain about.

I’d venture a guess and say that the overwhelming majority of your passengers (myself included) have been conditioned over the past three years to expect long lines, to remember not to put locks on our luggage, to expect to pull out our laptops and put them in a separate tray, and to expect to take off our shoes, rings, watches, coats, hats, etc. before going through the metal detectors.

We all know why we have to do that, and ultimately appreciate the extra effort. We accommodate heightened security measures by showing up early and not complaining about the rules imposed upon us, because we know it’s important for everyone’s safety.

“Customer satisfaction”, as an airline passenger, means getting to the destination on time (if at all possible), and not being blown up somewhere along the way.

Thanks for your time. Please do the right thing.

Back to throwing away useless crap and packing up for the big move.

Afterthought: Damn… now I’ll probably be put back on that “other” list. Y’know… the one between “go right ahead, sir” and “fuck you, you can’t fly”. The one where I have to lift my tongue, spread my cheeks & lift my sac before heading to the gate.


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