It’s Our Birthdays, It’s Our Birthdays, Yes Really

Last Saturday, Erin and I invited a few million people out to a local place for a joint birthday party of sorts. In November, mine is on the 9th, and hers is on the 16th.

By my count, 33 of us were there… some off-screen.

In primarily alphabetical order with couples joined after-the-fact and… um… primary alphabetical order (jeez):

Amanda, Anne, April, Betsy, Bill & Carol, Bob, Celia, Colleen & Joe, Dan & Kim, Ellen & George, Erin & Gary (meez), Glenn & Monica, Gregg & Sarah, Heather & John, Jeanna & Jeanna’s Guy, Jodi & Karen, Kevin & Molly, Lindsay & Matt, Rosanna, Shawn, Troy

If you weren’t there, you missed a great time. But, then again, you weren’t there because:

  1. You couldn’t make it due to prior obligations, or
  2. You said you were coming, but didn’t show, or
  3. You were somewhat geographically possible, therefore invited, but couldn’t make it, or
  4. You were geographically impossible, therefore not invited (no offense, y’all… why even try, y’know?), or
  5. We simply forgot to invite you, or
  6. You weren’t fucking invited on purpose

Whichever choice you feel applies to you… probably does. :)

Erin and I would like to thank everyone who came out to join us in the celebration.


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