Bush Won. Quit Bitching! All is Not Lost.

I can’t figure out how to do the TrackBack shit, and I didn’t want to clog Derek’s post with a comment so verbose.

To the whiny liberal bitchez who feel personally assaulted that America didn’t oust George W. Bush:

I voted for John Kerry, and I’m a card-carrying member of the Against-the-President (read: Cheney, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz cabal) association… oh, yeah, I’m also knee-jerk opposed to anything that comes out of the mouth of idiot puppet-fuck (w).

But you’re all missing the point.

Bush won the popular vote.

Aside from those 538 “real” votes that count in our government’s anachronistic view of how shit should be done…

Bush won the popular vote.

By millions.

That is democracy in practice. Not theory, and not in your own personal ideal of how shit should be done.

More actual people—y’know… humans like you—voted for AssMunch than voted for Kerry. The only reason it’s not a real issue is because he also got the requisite electoral college votes, too.

Sure, he was the emperor with no clothes for four years after the 2000 election shit. But he got it this time… pretty much fair-and-square. That’s up to debate, depending on your conspiracy theory of choice.

That doesn’t mean that you have to like it. Shit, I don’t like it. Honestly, the idea of four more years of (w) Administration rule scares the fuck out of me.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that you have to personally accept defeat because the guy you didn’t want to win… actually won. It’s not about you and/or your feelings.

Complete Non-Sequitur: If you’re one of those Kerry supporters that says “I can’t believe Americans are so stupid!” based upon what happened yesterday/today, then you’re only validating the existence of the electoral college… which was created by rich-ass bitchez who thought the same thing.

Gain some perspective, assholes.

This election is/was bigger than you and me.

Look at the number of people that got involved and actually voted yesterday. It’s amazing. That’s democracy at work. And you should respect that. Again, it really has nothing to do with you or me, your opinions or mine.

It’s about the process, politics, media, etc. Sure, those all affect how people think/perceive/vote and the ultimate outcome. It’s affected you and me, and it’s affected them.

The gestalt American tenor (read: who we Americans vote into office based on contemporary stimuli) is always going to act like a pendulum. It swings right… only to swing left later, and vice versa. During the course of my short lifetime, it’s been Nixon-Ford, Carter, Reagan-Reagan-Bush1, Clinton-Clinton, Cheney (er… I mean Bush2)-Bush2.

America, as a whole, is kind of a self-correcting environment. The majority of us get pissed off, and things happen to affect change.

Nature trends toward equilibrium, bitch.

This election proves that point: Us Kerry/Edwards voters that are pissed off? We’re in the minority nowadays.

As The Foof pointed out today at work, the GOP had eight (8) Clinton years to seethe over unsuccessful impeachment attempts, and fashion this Administration in the likeness of God, as if Adam actually existed. They put in place the machinery to get the job done. Once by a fluke (w’s Floridian influence noted), and this time fairly solidly.

Upshot: It doesn’t fucking matter what you, as an individual or personally, think/feel/believe. The citizens of America will ultimately decide… based on what they think, feel, and believe.

Sure, that sucks… but that’s the way it is. What can you do about it? Some will answer “fuck ’em… nothing I can do”. Others will step up.

The next four years of Cheney-induced martial law (if his pacemaker holds up that long) plus smoke and mirrors may very well drive America to landslide the next Democratic candidate into office for a while.

After losing this election, the Democratic people “in-the-know” are surely spurred to call out The First (w) Administration on any/every thing they do wrong… or wrongly. Shit, I don’t know.

If current information proves actionable, we might be lucky enough to see yet another impeachment initiative… this time coming from our side. Granted we won’t be able to land Kenny Starr… but there’s got to be some personal injury lawyer out there that’ll take the job.

It’s not up to you or me. It’s up to all of us.


5 thoughts on “Bush Won. Quit Bitching! All is Not Lost.

  1. A counter-argument would be that if you were part of a club, and that club wanted to do all sorts of homophobic things, and beat up the kids at school it didn’t like, etc., would you stay a member of the club simply because “Well, the majority of the club has voted to do these things, so I should just accept it”?

    Of course not.

    If the religious right wants to create an evangelical state out of the U.S., let them. They can do it without me. :)

  2. Derek:

    Re: your counter-argument, if you voted yesterday, then you decided to play the game with the rest of us. If, after losing, you’re going to take your ball and go home (or Canadia)… that’s not very sportsmanlike.

    Re: creation of an evangelical state, they can *try* to do it without me. But there are enough of us dirty heathens to put up a good fight… as long as we don’t idle.

  3. Gregg:

    After the cultural conservatism throughout the 40s, 50s and most of the 60s, what did we get? An increasing trend toward liberalism during the “salad years” from the hippies to the yuppies and Clinton-era prosperity. Back to the pendulum: It’s swinging to the right, and it’ll come back to the left.

    Re: Sullivan’s call for federalism, it’s already started happening. 10-11 states voted to kill the concept of “gay marriage”. But, that’s not to say it’s necessarily a good thing. I think his federalism will serve only as a backup to nationally-defeated ultra-conservative attempts force The Administration’s “morality” on everyone at once. Can’t pass an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution? Fuck it, let the states decide… as long as they decide we want them to. In places like Vermont, however… fuck ’em… goddamned Satan-loving homos. They’ll leverage the “machinery” they’ve already got in place to counteract any state-level activity that goes against their “morality”.

    It’s gonna’ get a lot worse before it gets any better… but I’m in for the long haul. We (non-neocons) just need better “machinery” to fight the good fight. I just hope that Democrats understand this. I fear they don’t. (Apologies for the minor Sullivan spoof)

  4. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea that individuals are a bunch of assholes whose opinions don’t matter….in the face of the majority….which is made up of a bunch of individuals.

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