It’s Good to Live in Reston

Hoping to hit the lull between the lunchtime and after-work rush to vote, I left work at 1:30pm.

Total time to vote, not including parking and dodging the loitering miscreants peddling sample ballots: approx. 6 minutes.


One thought on “It’s Good to Live in Reston

  1. Took me a couple hours. Sucked.

    The best part were the rabid BC04 twits in front of me who showed up w/o any ID at all. All they had to was sign some paper saying they were who they said they were. Wow! Awesome. I should vote 6 or 7 times, then. Anyway then they proceeded to yell at everyone who parked in front of their house, “cause it’s for Bush/Cheney people only, no Kerry voters allowed”.

    Whatever. I suppose I could make a big splash reporting this kinda stuff, except that no one took it seriously and they really seemed like a couple of idiots.

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