Bite-Sized Pieces of Propagation

Today’s word-of-the-day is “propagate”. The category is “Fuck SCO”, so let’s start with that.

Once upon a time, The SCO Group thought it would be a good idea to put up a website to propagate pro-SCO propaganda. They must’ve taken a page from The Administration’s Propaganda Playbook. Their lawyers, however, have kept it from going live because of unspecified concerns. So reports The Register.

Next, over on Slashdot: “Study Recommends Mac OS X as Safest OS“. Linux leads all OSes of “manual hacker breaches”. The quoted study does not include self-propagating Windows malware.

Next: Since I don’t live in Florida any more, I had no idea that Betty Castor was running for Senate. Damn, that’s awesome. Betty was the President of USF back in the day… toward the end of my time there. I met her a number of times at Honors Program functions, and shook her hand as I walked across the stage at my commencement.

Are you winking at her?

That’s what my mom asked me once we got the proofs from the graduation ceremony.

Yes, I was. Unfortunately, though, it looks like she’s not going to make it to Congress this year… and I think that sucks. She’s been a champion of education in Florida for years, and I would have loved to see her propagate her pro-education agenda on a national stage. Late Update: Betty’s giving Bush’s boy, Mel, a good run for his money. Even at 12:42am, it’s still being labeled as “too close to call”, although the advantage lies with Mel-Fuck.

Finally, Jack and I are going out for a few “Election Night Coverage” beers over at Champps. I will propagate something, but I’m not sure what at this point.

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  1. Hopefully Jack will relate the tale of how I almost ate an exploding UPS (power supply not the popular shipping company). Feeling I’ve exhausted my karma for the day, I decided to stay home, cover my head with a wet towel, and wait it out.

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