Today’s Tidbits

iPod Photo. Color screen… does not take photos. Am I missing something? No chub here. iPod SE U2: Fuckin’ sweet lookin‘… but only 20GB… and I’m not that huge a U2 fan. Dick still limp.

New Eminem video. Yeah yeah yeah… I’m sure you’ve heard all about the video already… blah blah blah. It’s actually pretty acerbic; and IMHO a fairly solid political statement aimed at “today’s youth” or whatever. I watched it over here, and I’d recommend you do, too… if only for your own edification. If you’re so inclined (and have hardcore broadband), you can even download a QT version.

Don’t forget to vote. Even if you think your vote doesn’t count because your state’s electoral college votes traditionally go against your choice(s). Don’t pay attention to tradition, nor the polls, because you just might be in a “swing” or “battleground” state… but not know it because of the recent focus on Ohio. If you don’t know where to do it, check my previous post.

Program note. Because of the only-recently-really-overwhelming onslaught of comments spam we get here on NB, I asked Gregg to hook me up and run a script to close all comments on previous posts. He’s done me one better, and setup a cronjob to close posts more than 30-days old. It won’t completely kill the comments spam, of course, but it will help us. I love that guy, Gregg. I make him hug me when I’m drunk… and he hates that! :)

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