Where Do I Vote?

If you don’t know where your polling place is there are some online tools that might be able to give you a hand.

If you live in Virginia, simply go over to the Virginia State Board Of Elections website. Enter your full street address, and you’ll not only get the name and address of your polling place, but it’ll also summarize what positions, candidates, state amendments and local referendums are going to be on your ballot. Pretty sweet, really.

If you live in Maryland, you’d better have your voter registration card handy. You’ll need some numbers off of it to find your polling place on their interactive map.

If you’re lucky enough [*cough*] to live in the District, you’ll have to know your precinct number to look it up at the DC Board of Elections & Ethics website. On the upside, though, they offer maps to every polling location… once you’ve found yours. UPDATE: Search by address exists for DC.

Other states: You can try JustVote’s Polling Place Locator, but be forewarned, they may not be able to nail it down. Both of my VA ZIP codes directed me to Fairfax County’s website, which is less helpful than the VA State utility. Trying my Mom’s address in Tampa eventually kicked me over to the Hillsborough County Elections’ Precinct Finder, which has a kickass online tool just like VA.

Your mileage may vary. But, at least you’ll get a phone number to call.

Finally, as a last-ditch effort, try the Yahoo! directory of Polling Place Locators or… y’know… hit up your state or county government websites to see if they offer similar services.

p.s. I took off that little electoral vote counter… it was depressing the fuck out of me, and really can’t accurately predict what’s going to happen in a week.