Our Shirts are Ass

Each year, before the tradeshow, a few of us at work try to come up with a “fun” work t-shirt that plays off the name of our company. I rarely mention or link to work-related stuff for their sanity/anonymity (as opposed to my job security), but oh well. “Advanced Simulation Technology inc.” [link] gets acronymed to “ASTi” which gets further shortened to be pronounced “ass-tee“.

The first year, we launched this campaign properly and got t-shirts that read “we put the ASS in ASTi”. After that we did “quit lookin’ at my ASTi”, “get your head out of your ASTi”, and “smart ASTi”.

We recently launched a new USB-based audio product for Windoze [link], so that’s the focus of this year’s “ass-tee” shirt. The artwork on the front shows the product’s logo and a kick-ass USB cable thingy I drew (based on the cable image on the site, if you bothered to click the link).


The major difference between this new product and our standard stuff is that you need only a headset and a small, handheld (or beltclipped) USB device… instead of full rackmount computers. Hence, the back:


Get it? “Get a little ass” and also plays on the USB device’s small size. Yeah, I know… we rule. Full disclosure: the hardware engineer who designed the USB device is the guy in the iPod ripoff, the idea of which was also his. I think he even came up with the “get a little ASTi” phrase… but that could have been The Squid.

Shit man, I just do the drawings!

Complete non sequitur: I can’t remember where, but I stole this CSS blockquote idea from some website. I think it’s neato-skeeto. Just do:

background-image: url(“images/quote.gif”);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: top left;

One thought on “Our Shirts are Ass

  1. You ROCK you ASS off, G! This is very clever.

    Beware of networking approach here…..

    Do you happen to know of anyone in search of an AMAZING creative person in the MD area? Side note, this person is forced to use public transportation at the moment. This phenomenal work-your-ass-off-aholic has departed ways with her current employer….. and could use ANY advice at this time.

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