Soul Plane


Karl Rove (evil fuck) sitting in front of the wheels of (w)’s sled.

They must get a crew of detailers to hook up Air Force One with their airplane-grade tire dressing before every photo-op. Snoop Dogg would be proud, Karl.

But, given a steel-cage DeathMatch: My money’s on Snoop, you un-funny, pasty sodomizer.

No doubt, our tax dollars are paying for that shiny shit, too. Plus labor. I wonder: Who is the poor bastard that had to suck someone’s dick to get that job? Y’know… due to the amazing loss of jobs Americans have seen under this administration.

But not Rove’s dollars. He makes a lot and gets tax cuts from (w).

Yeah. Try to be funny and amuse the feeble, bitch. “HEY! I got an idea! If I sit in front of the plane’s tire in effort to take an in-joke that one hilarious step further, the media will be all over it, and nobody will worry about everything we’ve completely fucked!”

More of the same.

To Karl: If you’re not out of a job in November, you’ll be riding pine in four short years… it couldn’t get any worse than a second term for you fuckers.

Google pagerank hopes and dreams: “sodomizer”, “Karl Rove”, “fucked”, “Snoop Dogg” :D