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The World-Famous Doug fails to disappoint. I just purchased Lamb of God’s latest release at his urging (available from iTunes Music Store). It’s damned good. I might venture into his also-recommended Shadows Fall action later this week.

A note about “what I think is good music”, inspired by a random commenter: What I post to my personal website about what music is good and what music sucks sloth cock is, inherently, my fucking opinion… not yours, m’kay?

So get over it.

If you are helpful enough to offer suggestions, as he did, then I thank you for your efforts to better my musical opinion, and I will pursue that further education; I’m always on the lookout for new “good music”. I like the new Lamb of God—it ranks—yet still look forward to the new GimmeGimmes release. You may not, and that’s okay. Don’t get your tighty-whiteys in a twist.

Hey, I don’t like country music. You might. And, it’s still okay. Sheez.

Speaking of music, go play “name that tune” over on UGO [via Mefi]. It’s a stupid/fun way to waste a few minutes. I can’t seem to break the 200-point plateau because random, sucky Sting songs always end up fucking me, and then I’ll miss the bonus question b/c I don’t listen to much rap these days. I just got 220; I need to stop trying.

It may seem quaint to some, but I enjoy doing crossword puzzles. I find it kind of intellectually stimulating. Dad and I used to compare notes after I got home from school and he got home from work. USF’s paper would publish one of the puzzles from the Tampa Tribune. Anyway, the Washington Post and USA Today offer online versions of their daily crosswords. Especially handy if you don’t buy the newspaper (me), or abhor the feel of the icky paper (lovely sister-in-law, Amie).


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  1. Don’t get the new SF off of i-tunes if you can help it. Take your happy-ass to a real music store and buy that shit. If you don’t, you’ll miss out on the DVD and Century Media music sampler that comes with it.

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