Graphical Political Fun!

So now there’s this new little graphic above the “Personal !nfo” header in the left column tracking projected Electoral College votes… my man “K” versus yours (w)… okay “B”.

Truth be told: I’ve known about the Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 website for a few months now. But, it’s kind of specious, because it tracks only poll results. And, we all know how those can be manipulated. But, there are two other websites that made me post it on the ‘Head.

Derek’s Rantings and Musings is where I first saw it, and Ask Bjørn Hansen is where it originates.

While the information presented by that graphic may not be truly accurate (only time will tell), it provides a convenient link for me to click on… so I can feel good or feel shitty based on a single analysis of multiple sources.

Yeah. I know it’s totally gay to use an exclamation point in place of an “I”, regardless of its case. Get over it. It was a design issue… as was forsaking spaces in sidebar graphics in deference to textual color differences. Whatever. I didn’t invent it, I copied it from various other people who are better at this shit than I am. Like you could design an attractive website? Oh, yeah, the actual design is mine… except for that whole bang (!) thang.