Fuck Baseball… Really

Yanks and Sox are… still… fucking… (buffering)… playing… baseball. Cards and Astros are… fucking… playing… (buffering)… baseball.

I give a fuck?

Given the locales, I should be watching the Rangers or Islanders versus the Bruins, or the Blues versus the Stars.

Or cheering the Lightning on to their third “only undefeated team in the league” status… just like last season and that before.

It’s not even 11pm, and I’m fighting to stay awake right now. Fuck it: Bedtime.

Thanks NHL fuckers. Yes, I am bitter.

Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning. I can’t mention the team without giving full-on props, bitchez.

One thought on “Fuck Baseball… Really

  1. Hee. The only good thing (and it’s only good ’cause I’m a bitter bitch) about this lockout/strike/bullshitgreed/pissing contest is that the Lightning can’t raise their Stanley Cup banner until the season starts. And that might not be for a looooooong time.

    Of course, if it meant the season would start tomorrow, I’d fly down to Tampa and haul that shit up myself while wearing a Bolts jersey. No really, I would! Fuckin’ midget . . .

    Catherine :-)

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