New GimmeGimmes

Gregg pointed out to me last night during Beers(TM) that Me First and the GimmeGimmes are releasing a new CD on Tuesday.

That’s fuckin’ awesome! Track listing and sample MP3 off the Fat Wreck Chords site.

In other music news… Erin is totally kirking over iTunes Music Store. We’ll go out an buy a spindle of blanks for her tomorrow, and the aforementioned “glorious era of happiness and joy for all” will be fully realized.

Best pre-December Xmas present I ever bought someone. Karma points and I’m getting into heaven! Oh… wait…


3 thoughts on “New GimmeGimmes

  1. iTunes is the shit! As I read in an article recently, it’s “made me a serious music purchaser for the first time since college.”

    iTunes + 40gb iPod = Happy Catherine!

    Catherine :-)

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