Behold! New iBook G4

… and lo, we enter a glorious era of happiness and joy for all.

Yup, that’s right. I told Erin there was no way I wasn’t buying her a new computer this weekend, and to get used to that idea. So, after throttling back my mall-induced homicidal tendencies, we made it out of Tysons alive and with no charges pressed.

Oh, and a beautiful new 12″ iBook. I even got the fucker up on the Verizon DSL after dancing with their shitty installer a mere four times. Only thing left to do is get her Airport base station hooked up and tightened down. I guaranteed that she’d love her new Mac; I hope I wasn’t wrong.

I’m fighting the good fight, one person at a time. But, if I have to personally fund the exodus from M$ shit to worthy platforms… this could take a while.

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