The Final Countdown?

Crappy hair metal anthem [crappy midi] or crappy 80s time-travel movie [imdb]? *shrug* I like them both, so it’s your call.

Less than half an hour before the final Presidential debate. My bladder is empty, my beer is full. It’s on, bitchez!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Go hit the Roadrunner site to download some kickass videos from Killswitch, 36 Crazyfists, Slipknot, Devildriver and Chimaira.

Then, there’s also the Underground Music Television site. Snag a couple of cool vids by Clutch (incl. some live action), Dirty Rig, and Chimaira… again, I guess.

Plus, others. BTW, do not download the “I Wish I had an Angel” MP3 by Nightwish or “Deadly Sinners” MP3 by 3 Inches of Blood over at the Roadrunner site. I mean… seriously.

3 Inches (heh) sounds like a cross between Accept and some Bruce Dickinson wanna’ be. I’m a big fan of old Maiden… but this is supposed to be new metal. As for Nightwish? Think Rammstein crossed with the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack with a smidge of Evanescence (or however the fuck you spell it). Either way, forego the temptation, my friends.

Ass could not be sucked more violently.

2 thoughts on “The Final Countdown?

  1. Just to let you know Nightwish Has been around longer(’97) than Evanescence and almost as long as Rammstein (’95)

    but given your taste in music and what you consider to be “That’s fuckin’ awesome!” i guess i would be embarassed if you DID like decent music. and if you do like Me First And The Gimme Gimmes check out Tiger Army, they sound similar, except they have something called *Talent*

  2. Okay… so given that new information, I should have said that Evanescence stole from Nightwish, and Rammstein collaborated with them?

    Dude, just my take on the one MP3 that Roadrunner offered up for free, given my exposure to music.

    Now the real rant begins:

    First off, the GimmeGimmes rank as “awesome” in my brain because they’re a bunch of punk dudes who cover completely un-punk songs. That’s just fun! Growing up, I didn’t have a choice of what music I listened to; my parents controlled the stereo. My old man was totally into music, and had an eclectic taste. I was exposed to a ton of different shit. To hear some of it covered… for fun in a side project… I find it pretty fuckin’ awesome. Now if only they’d cover some Miami Sound Machine… :)

    Number two: I do like decent music. I also like some pretty shitty music. Depends on your opinion of MY opinion of “what I like”.

    Lastly: I went to the Tiger Army website and downloaded a few of their MP3s. They’re definitely a solid modern-day rockabilly band. That they’re opening for Social D on tour immediately hooks up their “punk cred” or “rockabilly cred” or whatever. They do sound similar to the GimmeGimmes, but there shouldn’t even be a comparison between the bands. The GimmeGimmes are joking on themselves. Tiger Army is a real band with real music and real *talent* pursuing their real dreams. I just so happen to think that they’re pretty good.

    Point being: My opinion is mine, and yours is yours. I don’t think you should be almost embarrassed if I DID like decent music… because, if that’s the case, then you should be completely red-faced that I like what Tiger Army has to offer. What other bands can you turn me on to?

    Do you have any opinions about the bands listed in the actual post you commented on? You took me to task on the GimmeGimmes (unrelated post), but do you love/hate Killswitch Engage, 36 Crazyfists, Slipknot, Devildriver, Chimaira, Clutch or Dirty Rig?

    Just asking.

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