Double Black Eyes

Preface: Post-debate ranting. Especially about the state of education in America. Bush, you are a piece of work… by that I mean you are a piece of shit. If you can properly pronounce every word that I’ve written in this post (MP3 or WAV file required for verification), then I’ll vote for you.

Bush versus Kerry in Arizona.


People will surely pick and choose their candidate’s moment(s) of strength, while at the same time picking apart and choosing the failures of their unworthy.

Spin spin spin like you’re on a Sit-and-Spin.

Bush was stronger than round one, weaker than round two, and—hate to say it—offered just “more of the same”.

One thing that really stuck in my craw was that he kept harping on the “No Child Left Behind” shit… and that’s fine when you’re not a teacher on the front lines of education who has to hold fucking illiterate children to the same standard as “talented and gifted” children with no extra resources (read: cash) to support that charge. And… guess what? If the illiterate ones don’t pass those bullshit standardized tests while being held to unreasonable standards? Your school loses money, and you might even lose your fucking job.

This is your main talking point, Mr. English Major? Fucking EDUCATION?

Granted, I’m not a teacher, but the woman I love is a teacher… and she has to deal with this shit every day.

Let’s talk about education a little more. Bush says they’ve increased Pell Grants by a million students. Does the general populace know what Pell Grants are? Doubtful; you only know what Pell Grants are if you’re fuckin’ stuck in the middle.

Pell Grants are financial aid money that you can apply for if your family doesn’t make enough money to pay for your college tuition.

Back in the day, when I was applying for scholarships and grants, I was still a legal dependent of my Mom and Dad; when I was applying, they were both still in the Air Force (read: serving our great country); and, their combined income (beans!) was more than what qualified me for a Pell Grant.

My sister got a Pell Grant to continue her pursuit of higher education at my alma mater, USF. She’s married with a kid (li’l beautiful Ginessa).

Point being: Increasing Pell Grants by a million means that your financial policies have driven our economy to the point where ONE MILLION MORE people (my sister included, bitch) can’t afford their own college tuition, and are forced to seek help from federally-funded programs.

This is a good thing, Mr. Fucktard? You are full of shit… but people won’t realize it because you’re trying to claim achievement through tangential, obscure vectors.


Kerry also offered “more of the same”… but that’s not a denigration (one of Bush’s handler’s words) of his performance over the debates’ time-span. He was solid, he was (at times) clear and concise. Upshot is that he actually provided details about how he would fix our fucked up shit. Not necessarily all the details that you or I would have wished to hear… but moreso than “bullshit, nominal, underfunded education programs are the cure to all our domestic woes”. See above, goddamnit.

Personally, Kerry goes 3-0 on the debate tally… winning tonight by 70%.

Full disclosure: That infernal contraption, the Sit-and-Spin, resulted in double-black-eyes for me when I was four years old. Sure, part of it was Alex’ fault… part of it mine… but if that goddamned Sit-and-Spin didn’t exist, we’d never have come up with the “you stand, I sit and spin” idea that ultimately threw me nose-first into the door.

That’s how I feel about the (w) and his administration’s legacy for America: Double Black Eyes.

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  1. AMEN!!! Thanks, Gary, for putting it so well!!! I thought I had made up my mind last night, but now your post has cemented it. :)

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