Dark is Light; Black is White

Bad: The Odyssey cruise boat thing has blue-tinted glass on the walls and ceiling, which means everything is backlit and totally fucks the color balance of any photo you take inside the vessel. Good: George & Ellen wedding photos and ALS Walk photos are now posted… color-corrected as best I could in short order.

Bad: The Foof’s PowerBook took a complete shit while she was at the beach this past week. I think it was an HDD failure; bitch was making some sick noises during my futile attempt to resurrect and recover yesterday. I tried everything under the sun… really. Reset everything, target firewire mode, command-line mount and mount_hfs action. Booting into Open Firmware worked beautifully, but there’s not much you can do after that. By the time I was done suffering, I realized that it was—basically—a titanium-clad doorstop with a fully charged battery. It was so fucked that—after booting from the OS X CD—I couldn’t even install, partition, format or erase the HDD because the shit would just lock. Good: I had a brand-new PowerBook collecting dust in my office, and got The Foof back up and running this morning.

Good: I get to move into the townhouse I bought in August on/around December 1st. Bad: I have a one-week window. The week after Thanksgiving, and the week immediately before the biggest tradeshow of the year at work… when The Foof and I will roadtrip everything down to Orlando and set shit up proper. While I’ll have all of my work shit covered a few weeks before the show, the prospect of moving right in the middle of holiday-mayhem/annual-stress doesn’t make me very happy. The Squid has fucked me.

Bad: The Squid is a guy that’s been at work longer than me… that’s at least seven (7) years, as my #7 anniversary was Oct. 6th. The Squid is the guy from whom I bought my townhouse. The Squid was one of the “core” at work; committed, reliable, hardcore, steadfast… just like me and The Foof. The Squid is quitting, and he & Mrs. Squid are moving out-of-state. On short motherfucking notice. The Squid has fucked The Company harder than he’s fucked me. Good: He says it’s a great opportunity. I believe him. I wish nothing but the best for him and his family.

Good: I watched Alexandra Pelosi’s HBO movie about the Democratic party’s candidates’ race again tonight. Kerry plays hockey, motherfuckers. Bad: Bush can’t ride a bike without crashing; Bush can’t operate a Segway without taking a header into the pavement; Bush can’t eat a pretzel without nearly dying.

Good: Kerry plays hockey, motherfuckers! ;)