The Weekend of Importance

Important things that were more important than me.

George and Ellen got married. Congratulations to George and Ellen.

The reception was on the all-glass D.C. Odyssey cruise boat. I wore a suit. Erin looked awesome. It was quite the production: getting up early, getting all of our shit packed up and dropping off MurphDawg before hitting the District.

Let it be known: Erin & Murph left 15 minutes before I did. Once I got to her place in Springfield, I had to call her to see where she was. I’d beaten her Beltway-style, and neither of us can figure out how I did it.

Y’know… other than that I’m the Road-Fuckin’-Warrior (Mel Gibson is still a pussy). There is always that.

Traffic up 395 to D.C. blew slugcock, and I was stressed as hell that we were going to be late… let alone that I didn’t know where the hell we were going. 14th St. bridge to Maine Ave. to… where? Damnit! Quit looking at the seafood restaurants you want to visit later and help me find the goddamned boat! Oh, there it is… oh, look, free parking. Sorry for being a dick. :)

The ALS walk. Y’know… the one that I’ve been talking about for months, trying to get you slack bitches to give me money.

Andy’s Gang raised, according to the website at this very moment, $16,790.00. That’s a lot of dough. Thanks again to everyone that gave their money in memory of some random guy they never even met. It means a lot to those of us who knew Andy.

So many people showed up for the walk this morning. Erin and I had to wake up even earlier than on Saturday to metro into D.C. We probably walked more to/from Metro than we did on the “walk” itself. Goddamned monument and memorial construction.

Against all of your wishes, I survived the long walk with no damage… other than some unwanted dirtiness on my new kicks. I understand how y’all could underestimate my ability to perform anything remotely associated with “physical exercise”. Gary smokes too much. Gary drinks too much. Gary’s a chubby, pasty, lazy little bitch.

But y’all simply underestimated my inherent, genetic physical prowess. It’s true. Ask my family. I’m above average at any sport you make me play. Now I’m just being a dick again.

Anyway… lots of photos forthcoming.

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