Pres. Debate Two-Night

I’m extremely interested to see how Bush and Kerry will conduct themselves in tonight’s debate. Both sides have their opinions as to how the four candidates performed in the first two debates.

I’d, personally, like to see a Kerry-Cheney debate. They seem like the only two who could really get down and boogie. No offense intended toward Edwards; I think he did a pretty good job on Tuesday. At this point, though, the only thing worthy of being across from Bush in a debate is my rather well-educated left testicle.

I’m a little skeptical about tonight’s “town hall” format, though. Sure, all of the questions have been pre-approved by the mediator, but who can be sure that someone called upon to ask a question will actually ask the pre-approved one? They could very well just pull something out of their ass at the last minute and surprise everyone (except Rove).

Lastly, an interesting piece in today’s Post: “Bush’s Isolation From Reporters Could Be a Hindrance” [free registration may be required]