Debate Beers in Full Effect

Bush was much better than in the first debate. He still stumbled a lot, and wasn’t as eloquent as he should have been, given lessons learned. But we didn’t really learn anything new from him… except maybe that he thinks there are plural Internets.

Kerry was just as strong as in the first debate, and made a lot of good points that will probably be lost on the populace in general. Personally, I learned a lot more about his specific plans to better our country.

Regardless. Let’s bring in some outside perspective by way of my lovely girlfriend. Erin and I agree on four things:

1) Both guys totally avoided the question(s) at hand to pursue the platform talking points.

2) Bush showed his ass by talking over Charlie; proving himself the impetuous little punk that he is.

3) Kerry’s answer to the crying-skinny-bitch who asked about abortion was one of the most political and, pretty much, straight-on and rational answers of the entire evening. Basically, “as President, I have to worry about everyone in the United States, and their beliefs… not just yours.”

4) Kerry missed a golden opportunity to slam Bush after he said that he’d be willing to recognize his mistakes in the historians’ eyes. Kerry should have fucking blasted Bush and asked him why he wasn’t willing to recognize his mistakes right then, on national TV. “I’ve made mistakes in appointing people… but I won’t get into that right now… I don’t want to bore you.”

I called bullshit, and Kerry could have parlayed that shit into an over-arching theme of the entire debate.


The results of this debate, taken stand-alone: Kerry 55% winner. Overall campaign inertia: Kerry/Edwards.

p.s. Prior to succumbing to my presidential debate mandate… I had to watch some “Trauma in the E.R.” show… complete with someone getting their chest ripped open to relieve the pressure of internal bleeding on the heart. That crackhead could have died! I almost puked.

That’s the price I pay for democracy, and the well-being of our nation, yo.