Boob Tube

Erin and the MurphDawg have been staying at my place since Tuesday, due to an unfortunate plumbing mishap (gross understatement) at her place.

Instead of posting stuff here on the ol’ blog over that period, I’ve invested my efforts in pursuit of a mutually-agreeable television schedule… or at least an “equal-time” policy.

She’s been forced to watch more auto-or-cop-related shows than she’d like, and I’ve seen more gory surgery (plastic and otherwise) than I care to mention. We both like Mythbusters, though. That one guy looks like Gregg, but with glasses.

Last night, though, I totally kirked over the X Prize shows, delivered to TV mere days after headlines declared SpaceShipOne the winner. That shit was awesome. Plus, over on the other channel, those U.S. Marshall guys nabbed all their drug-kingpin-gang-leader fugitives and stuff.

Tonight’s hardcore TV action? Presidential Debate II: Chimpy Strikes Back?