Veep Debate Highlights

I didn’t post my analysis of the Pres. debate. Everyone else pretty much did that for me… plus, I was nowhere near an Internet connection.

My brief thoughts and worthy “what the fuck?” events of tonight’s Vice President Candidates’ Debate:

At one point, Edwards mentioned the $200 billion that we’ve already spent on the Iraq Sitch. Cheney said that it wasn’t $200B, it was $120B, with the rest of it going to efforts in Afghanistan and (he really said this) the global war on terror.

Hrm… doesn’t that global war on terror involve Iraq? Hrm… isn’t that what you told us? A Freudian slip of sorts? Perhaps. But I caught that shit straight-on.

Mediator Ifill asked really good, pertinent and timely questions of both candidates. Hardcore props to her. She was awesome… although she didn’t actually keep control of the debate… letting them both stray from the question at hand.

Cheney: terror, Terror, TERROR! We’re all going to DIE without George!

Edwards: liars, Liars, LIARS! These guys LIE so much! psst… we don’t lie

Many times, Edwards skipped answering the posed question to parrot the Kerry/Edwards platform talking points… which were completely off-topic. Cheney, IMHO, would have benefitted by calling him out on this fact, but never really did so. He’d quickly say, “should I answer your question?” But, ultimately, he just took the bait, and got sucked into rebuttal-by-way-of-defense.

You’d think that Cheney… steady course, never wavering, consistency… would stick to the extensive rules of engagement.

Then again, I can’t believe that Cheney actually invoked Zell Miller as a Democrat who supports the administration. Isn’t that a violation of Godwin’s Law?

Great healthcare finale and closing statement on Edwards’ part.

Cheney’s closing was cold, a little bumbled, and was “more of the same”: fear, Fear, FEAR! We’re all going to DIE!

If I wasn’t already in the “anyone but Bush” camp… I’d give this insignificant debate to Cheney on the sake of repetition alone.

Everything that came out of Cheney’s mouth was about fear. That’s something we’re all used to dealing with, hearing about, considering. Things which are repeated are comfortable. Comfort score: 70

Everything that came out of Edwards’ mouth was about change. Change is scary, if necessary, and not at all comfortable… unless your husband is going to die in Iraq. Comfort score: 10


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  1. Paul Begala’s debate blog is hysterical, and Tucker Carlson’s is up-tight and pissy. What a surprise. I highly recommend the Begala blog, though.

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