Bush Speech Wednesday, Veep Debate Tonight

Update 2: Slate via Boingboing. CNN and MSNBC broadcast today’s (w) speech in full. Original Post in full effect.

Update: As Gregg pointed out (in comments), Boingboing—at the behest of Brian Carnell—does now say that the speech won’t be televised. So ignore the rest of my bullshit in this post.

Original Post: See Yahoo! story, found via multiple sources.

Basically… the (w) is saying: I fucked up in the debate, and gave Kerry a bump in popularity, polls, etc. (although I doubt he knows how to pronounce et cetera). Now, I will make a major public address, which will be televised, to say what I should have said but didn’t… y’know… because I was too impishly peeved at that Kerry asshole to answer straight… and couldn’t read from a statement prepared by someone more smarter than I (pun intended)… and not have some asshole criticize me, damnit! Son of Jarel, kneel before Zod!

Kerry will not have the opportunity to counter until Friday’s debate.

Even Erin, as non-political as she is, reacted with, “That’s fucked up! That’s not fair.” I wish everyone would realize how unfair it really is.

As for tonight’s Vice-Presidential Candidate debate, The Rude Pundit pretty much hit the nail on the head. [found via Atrios]. I don’t expect Edwards to do as well against the president as Kerry did against Bush… but it’ll definitely prove interesting.


3 thoughts on “Bush Speech Wednesday, Veep Debate Tonight

  1. BoingBoing says no one is covering the speech (“It’s a major award!”), not even C-SPAN. Can’t find other sources (I’m lazy).

  2. Nice “Christmas Story” ref., bro. No props on the Zod?

    Was I mis-informed or is it a case of the media recognizing the Nude Emperor?

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