Can you explain to me how having NEVER served in the military warrants the blind faith and spazmatic support of some in military families?

Why would anybody in the military—or in the family of a person serving our country—blindly support our current Administration? The current Commander-in-Chief and his boss, the Veep, actively avoided any-and-all actual military service during one of the most intense military actions our country’s ever faced. Until recently, that is.

We all know about Bush’s National Guard fiasco… but did you know that Cheney actively pursued five (5) service deferments back in the day?

Can you explain that to me?

Then again, there’s this other guy… who was actually “in the shit”… but he’s not better than the lifelong civilians currently in power?

Can you explain that to me?

One thought on “Perplexed

  1. What gets me is no one will just admit, “He got daddy to get him in the Guard, then he bailed when it became clear he wasn’t going to go to Da Nang”.

    One time he *almost* said it, where he said something like “A lot of people I knew were going to Canada, but I wanted to better myself so I learned to fly airplanes”. Ok blah blah blah, but it connects avoiding the war with his service. Funny, ever since he said that he’s been stuck in the “served honorably” riff. One assumes Rove chewed him out.

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