To be continued…

A couple of program notes.

Our ALS walk team, Andy’s Gang, exceeded the fundraising goal of $10,000, with over $1,200 coming in from y’all. Thanks again for your support. I guess I’ll stop nagging you slack-asses to send me your money. For now… :)

My effort to get the lappy-lap up on Erin’s DSL was a miserable failure. I probably need the DCHP client ID; damnit! Nobody in her building has a usable wireless signal, either. No ‘net access, then. It kind of feels as if I’m camping… but with A/C and TV.

The debate. I took extensive notes, but don’t have time to wade through them right now. Gotta’ get back to the quonset hut so MurphDawg can expell whatever he needs to. For now, I’ll just say that Kerry looked/sounded great… whereas the (w)… mmm… not so much.


2 thoughts on “To be continued…

  1. Does Windows even have a user-accessible UI to enter the DHCP ID?

    I suppose if you’re adventurous you could always run tcpdump or something and try to see what you can see, maybe you can snatch it out of the ether, if you’ll pardon the pun.

    Take it from me, there’s nothing in this world as much fun as staring at packet dumps.

  2. I used to like you a whole lot… now, mmm… not so much.

    I don’t know that I would say I am a huge Bush fan but I think big fucking idiot sums up my opinion of your boy Kerry. I guess partly because Scott is in the military and Kerry doesn’t support certain budget issues that are in our (Scott and I) best interest.

    And he looks like a fucking charactature (sp?), the funny drawings people do at amusement parks.

    Oh, and because he is a idiot. Not that Bush doesn’t act like one once in a while…

    I wish Ross Perot was running again…. (smile).

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