I’m Sick of Bitching!

Things are fucked up across the board. This should serve to be my last rant on these issues.

NHL Lockout: JF over at BoltsMag points us to this Nike spot about it.

Nike is a global, industrial juggernaut that doesn’t care fuck one about the sport of hockey. Their “A Dark Day” flash prezo doesn’t convince me otherwise. They’re concerned about the loss of already-limited tube-time that the NHL players they endorse are going to lose due to the lockout. Nice camera work, though. Almost poignant. Almost makes me, as a consumer, think you give a fuck about the lowest-television-market-share sport in America.

Thank Frank the Tank that MLS didn’t land that lucrative PBS deal they were pursuing!

I’m not jumping all over JF’s shit on this. More times than not, JF and I agree w/r/t our hockey mindset. It’s a good link. And any objective third party (read: not the League or the Union) that has an opinion about hockey, then that’s a good opinion… and you’re a friend of mine.

But, really… fuck Nike. Note to self: Self, buy new sneaks.

Politics: Fucking baby jeebus… this shit is getting too goddamned twisted. My boy, Kerry, finally called out the (w) on the Iraq bullshit… yet played right in to Karl Rove’s scabby-chubby hands. The fucking NeoCons, with their own God (idolatry, against one of the ten whatever) and their own Agenda (fucktarditry, against one of the universal whatever), are twisting his call-out into a perceived weakness.

Allow me to be completely honest with you: Like a lot of people–only until recently–I didn’t know what Kerry’s “message” was. I wasn’t given a list of reasons or opinions or platform planks on which to decide whether or not I wanted to vote for John Kerry.

The whole political back-and-forth about Viet Nam didn’t matter to me. I was fucking appalled that everyone would get so caught up in CBS/Dan Rather’s documents… at the expense of the fucking issues at fucking hand.

Two weeks of media coverage was burned on that insignificant shit. What about the motherfucking issues?

Oh, yeah… the issues. The cheese (w) stands alone.

Without ever hearing about Wesley Clark, Howard Dean, John Edwards, Richard Gephardt, Bob Graham, John Kerry, Dennis Kucinich, Joe Lieberman, Carol Moseley Braun, or even that crazy liberal fucker, Al Sharpton… who in their right mind would ever consider electing George Double-You Bush?


I am in the “anyone-but-Bush” camp. And, you have every right to castigate, berrate and otherwise eat me for taking that political stance. But, our country–America–is sinking deeper into a vat of shit every fucking day that “man” is in office. Castigate or berrate me with actual fucking facts to prove me wrong. Otherwise: eat me.

If you, personally… you, were being swallowed into a pit of despair, would you give a shit who it was that pulled you out?


One thought on “I’m Sick of Bitching!

  1. Oh, I agree with the fuck Nike thing…

    It’s the advertisement more than who was saying it… heck, it could have bene Subway or Krispy Kreme or some other franchise who sponsored the Ad… I thought it was good in the messag eit sent.

    We all lose in this lockout. We all lose with the players bitching like spoiled pricks (see my current posts about Chelios)….

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