Work Vent! Warning: Profanity

At work, some time ago, we had a meeting about The Product. All (and I mean all) variables were considered; fucking global satisfaction was considered… at length.

Things were agreed upon. Things were implemented in The Product.


Today, we had a two-hour debate about the implementation of the aforementioned global satisfaction… and came to the conclusion that, yeah, we did it right, but we need a couple of tweaks in The Product.

TWEAKS warrant two hours of our salary time? I’m not bitching about the tweaks (which I think are a good idea), I’m not even bitching about the redesign-after-the-fact bullshit that I constantly have to deal with regarding The Product.

Don’t get me started on the redesign-again-after-multiple-design-meetings bullshit. At work, everyone bitches about our customers doing the redesign-again-after-multiple-design-meetings bullshit. Fucking downward spiral, that.

I’m worried about the amount of corporate money lost in those two hours of conversation between two principals and two high-output employees. All four of us could have been actually working.


If you tell us developers (if you tell us anything at-fucking-all other than “make it work”) to do X, and then we do X… and you come back with “well, what the fuck is X? who said X?” without remembering that your opinion helped form the concept of X…

Y’know what? Fuck you! Well… not really. My bad.

I understand that life, family issues, and other priorities get in the way. How can you be expected to keep track of everything at work when so much else is going on? I understand that the world outside of work is distracting. Wife, kids, parents! Fuck all! Then, there’s also all that other shit that happens at work! Too much going on to keep track of! Why am I so stressed?

By the same token… how can you expect us to keep track of your whims, foibles or anachronistic concept of The Product? Then, there’s also all that other shit that happens at work! Too much going on to keep track of! Why am I so stressed?

Last time you looked at The Product may have been months ago. (Some of) us developers? We’ve been running full-on! How familiar are you with The Product now? Not so much… but the underlying direction of its functionality is the same, based upon your dated direction. I understand the paralax between what you said then and what you see now.

Fuck. I have to try to cut this post shorter (hah!) than it could be.

I am a perfectionist, and I work with a small roster of perfectionists (some of the people at work are complete fucktards, so they don’t even factor). Problem is, however, that some those other factoring perfectionists are perfectionists in different ways, and pay attention to their targets of perfection when it’s fucking convenient for them.


Much more to say; but all of this shit is about my internal issues. I’m there to make the company succeed. Yet, I’m failing.

Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Sometimes, I fucking hate that I care so much about our company… and that it forces me to make these ongoing, life-altering decisions. But, then again, those decisions prove to be the right ones for the company… and for me. It’s just not as easy as I’d like it to be.

Y’know… stumbling upon personal and professional success. That shit should just happen, right?! (Insert your George W. Bush joke here.)