Your Vote May Not Matter

My previous post about our pretty-funny-guy President—where I said I’d vote for Kerry—reminded me to review my email inbox.

I sent my home-self an email from my work-self:

Your vote could be slaughtered. It’ll be a fucking bloodbath. And the (w) will “win” again… just another form of election fraud… new old hat [Real… buffering… plugin or standalone… buffering… required, or transcript].

Check the links in the blockquote.

More Info: The slaughtered link goes to part one of four. One, two, three, four… for the sake of being thorough.

Oh, yeah… the State Government of California is suing Diebold for fraud. Diebold is the company that makes those ever-reliable, computerized voting machines. Do your own Google search on that one.

Full-disclosure: I was an officially-sweared-in deputy registrar in the state of Florida when I was in college. I registered other people to vote, yo. When I moved to Virginia almost seven years ago, I stopped caring, and didn’t vote for a few years. I wish one of those was 2000 when I voted for Ralph fucking Nader. But 2000 was after The Foof pointed something out to me.

All of my vitriolic, political opinions meant jack shit if I didn’t vote.

Same goes for you bitchez.

Register to vote, vote for whoever you feel is the right choice, and hope it means something.

I hope my vote counts.

One thought on “Your Vote May Not Matter

  1. I no longer believe that a vote counts; the electoral college system and the Supreme Court has rendered the value of the individual vote meaningless.

    If you’re in a battleground state, you vote *may* count, depending on the machinations of the local electoral officials and Diebold, ES&S, or whomever makes the voting hardware.

    But of course it doesn’t matter if the SC decides that having a president at all is better than having every vote count.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m going to vote, but I honestly have never heard a single argument why my vote, in a state that consistently votes opposite, matters.

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