For the Record

I don’t even want a Gmail account.

If I can’t handle my 10MB (1% of Gmail storage capacity) Mindspring/Earthlink personal email account, why in fuck’s name would I need a Gig?

Seriously, y’all need to get a life. Or, otherwise, ignore the online status-symbol bullshit associated with landing an Eschelon Gmail addy.

Full disclosure: I still can’t deal with my 10MB MindFuck inbox; tonight I finally replied to shit that was over two weeks old. Also: No offense to those of you… who I know and love… who have Gmail accounts. It’s not your fault, it’s Google’s fault.

Seek help.


3 thoughts on “For the Record

  1. I have a gmail account but it sits dormant.

    1. Google is “being evil” by turning off 3rd party notifiers and being weirdly fascist about people connecting to it with anything other than one of the approved web browsers.

    2. when Spotlight makes it to production, I’ll have multiple gigs of storage space with a low-latency IDE/ATA connection. That trumps broadband.

    3. If I need to take things with my, I’ll use Tiger’s sync between laptop and desktop(s). Or just copy shit over the network.

  2. I use gmail and absolutely love it. It is, in my humble experience, the best freemail out there (of which I’ve used many). While your Earthlink account is possibly better (or at least better for you), it isn’t designed to be the same thing as gmail (or hotmail, or yahoo, or whatever).

    Gregg: What browser can’t access it? I used a gmail notifier without any trouble (I stopped using it because it kinda annoyed me).

  3. For a time it was IE or Gecko only; but I think Opera works now, too, and definately Safari. The point is that we’re supposed to be in a Brave New World(tm) of “web services” and all that crap, not requiring specific implementations document.all or some such.

    Yeah, yeah. yeah. “WHAT-WG” and all that nonsense. Feh, I say. Feh!

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