Totally the Catch-All Update

Totally updated the photos section of MMH.

Gentle Reminder: Totally give me your money.

Totally had a great time at Deep Creek Lake, MD over Labor Day weekend.
Me: (on the drive out) I totally passed that bitch in the red car who’s been trying to pass us. I’m totally going 80!
Cop: (standing in my lane of I-68) Pull totally over, bitch-boy.
Totally got a $75 speeding ticket. Fuck!
Erin was totally impressed with my handling of the situation. Totally caught, totally calm.

Totally too much shit to do at work these days.
Totally kicking the fuck out of hardcore work shit these days.
Totally loving work about now. I’m best when I’m totally stressed.

I’m totally using too many profane words in this post.

My Florida-bound family is totally cool after hurricanes Charley and Frances, yet may have to deal with Ivan. That totally blows.

Today, my Mom totally called me at work to tell me she is getting married again.
That’s totally freakin’ awesome… and totally freakin’ weird.
I totally know jack-poop about The Dennis.
As long as Mom is totally happy.

It’s totally weird how you can say/read/hear the same word over and over again… to a point of comprehensible saturation… where that word totally loses any meaning.